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Climate Ambassadors

To date we have achieved 9 green school flags. We are one of 21 schools across the counrty selected to take part in the latest green schools programme- Climate Ambassadors.This year our sixth class  are piloting the Climate Ambassadors Project. There are lots of opportunities  for the whole school to take part in.We are currently following a number of challenges themed aroung waste, energy, water, transport and biodiversity. As we work our way through the project we are acquiring carbon credits as we go.

We have just secured our ninth Green Flag:
Global Citizenship, Food and Bio diversity.

We pride ourselves on being a Green School and we have  been awarded  nine green flags to date. Our school community were delighted to receive the flag- Global Citizenship, Food and Biodiversity. Classes throughout the school have been planting fruit and vegetables over the last two years. Some vegetables have been planted indoors ready for outdoor planting in late spring.  The Green School's committee are an integral part of the process in working towards the flag guided by the Green School's co-ordinator.  The Green Commitee have been busy collecting and graphing data on Food and Biodiversity. The  committee conducted a slogan competition open to pupils from 3rd to 6th. Our pupils have undertaken extensive project work in the area of  Protecting Pollinators.

Our Green School Committee
Our Green Schools committee meet on a monthly basis and is normally made up of pupils from 3rd to 6th class.
This year and last year the committee consists of the pupils in sixth class. Over the last two years the committee has increased the number of raised beds in the school and has taken a great interest in planting fruit, vegetables and creating a wild flower garden. The pupils have sampled their own produce in soup an other recipes.


Herb Planting Indoors February 2022

Our Green School's Notice Board

We use the website and the Green Schools Notice Board to showcase the children's work and keep the school community informed of  developments.

Habitat Map
Senior pupils put the mapping skills to work in designing and mapping the habitats around the school.

Our Green Schools Slogan:
The slugs  and the worms help our food grow we need biodiversity to help our food chain flow.

Project Work On Pollinators

One Million Trees
Our school has joined many schools throughout ireland in the
One Million Trees Campaign. Each class planted one native  seedling. The programme creates an awareness of the challenges of global warming. For each tree planted here there are 10 planted in Africa.

Project Work
Protecting the Pollinators.


Biodiversity Awareness Survey
The Green school committee carried out a Biodiversity awareness survey in year one and year two. The results were graphed and were very interesting.

National Bike Week 2021
National Bike week took place from September 12 th - 18th. We were delighted to have a green schools representative to assist with bike safety talks,and bike ckeck routines.  The green committee and the active school committee joined forces and planned some really great fun activities along with art competitions and treasure hunt challenges throughout the week.

The Outdoor Classroom became very important throughout 2021.


There are a number of "green related" activities taking place in the school on an on going basis.

 Recycling Paper and Carboard.
Reducing Waste
Supporters of Bike Week
   Recycling Batteries
Healthy Lunches
   Designing Green Slogas
   Designing Green Posters
   Project Work
   Green Team Committee
Planting fruit and Vegetables
Planting the Wildflower Garden
Bird Feeding


Team Limerick Clean Up 2022

Front View of School
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