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Our Active School

Our school was first awarded the active school flag in October 2013. We continually strive to increase the amount of physical activity the children are engaged in.  Our active school committee and staff strive to come up with new ways of keeping our school active. Each class has an active school box  which contains equipment the children use at break times.The committee monitor the equipment which is updated on a regular basis. They also plan and distribute information and record sheets for each classroom. They aslo act as equipment monitors for all PE equipment and help to organise active school related events in the school. We were delighted to renew our active school flag in April 2019. We had great celebrations when Aaron Gillane came to life our Active School Flag.

Our Motto

Be Active
Be Cool
Have Fun at School

The Active School Committee
The Active School Committee is made up of pupils from second to sixth.There is always  keen interest when it comes to recruiting new members.  Pupils put together a proposal  if they are interested and present it to the class teacher. Often  extra personnell are drafted in when neceessary.  The  committee plays an important part in keeping all classes  informed of new initiatives.  This year the committee assists with active lines, monitors PE equipment  and designs and monitors the new activity initiatives.
We have just introduced  playground leaders who help keep the  infant and junior classes active at break time. The committee has a key role in ensuring active boxes are well equipped.  Surveys were carried out in 2017 to ascertain the clubs the pupils take part in and graphs were formulated of the results. The committee is involved in planning active school week and designed a suggestion box  for pupils and parents to  forward any ideas. Updating the Active School notice board is also a responsibility of the committee. Tracking the progress the school has made on the Run around Europe is also their responsibility.
Pupils who work hard and show leadership  are awarded an active school badge.

Let's Dance

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